So what is next?

Let see, bitcoin bubble as predicted?

So what is next? As your internet weatherman let us rejoice in the lack of investment! Yet, we still keep close eyes on the markets. Due to the volatility of the nature of cryptocurrencies. We would rather work for any sovereign countries centralized currency than a “decentralized” hack.  Continue reading “So what is next?”

What a year 2017!

<Greater Than started a new promotion/entertainment group last February to capture all we have done for gaming.

  1. Hooked Everfest into gaming!
  2. Threw private label launch with much success!
  3. Did consultant work in the cryptocurrency world
  4. Promoted live streamers to twitch partner AND got to present them at live streaming zones
  5. Offered micro tournaments to non-endemic eateries with much success. (Shiner even showed up to one!) Continue reading “What a year 2017!”