What a year 2017!

<Greater Than started a new promotion/entertainment group last February to capture all we have done for gaming.

  1. Hooked Everfest into gaming!
  2. Threw private label launch with much success!
  3. Did consultant work in the cryptocurrency world
  4. Promoted live streamers to twitch partner AND got to present them at live streaming zones
  5. Offered micro tournaments to non-endemic eateries with much success. (Shiner even showed up to one!)
  6. Concept on a 3 v 3 tournament in Counter-strike for event producers.
  7. Networked a battle drone company for more exposure in the Esports community
  8. Offered an affiliate business partnership with Dreamhack.
  9. Sponsored giveaways for Zowie.
  10. Trademarked the first little league of Esports. (*what a learning process)
  11. On the bill with many neat organizations trying to capture the private party network: Player.me, Xsplit, Curse forge, Main Menu, My lawyer Friend, Muxy, Astro, Soylent, Pretzel Rock, Bebo, and Filthy Casual.

What is next?

It will be hard to beat year one.

We would like to formally congratulate Itaku.

He is currently on track for very successful careers ahead of him. He was also able to accomplish many other goals and tasks for Greater Than.

Plus, thank you Denise

Without the support, love, edits, and patience, none of this could happen.

To all those reading and keeping up, any friends, foes, gamers, hackers, modders, miners,  nerds, bikers, yoga hoosiers, foodies, or anyone else missed,  thank you for giving us a reason to continue over all these years.

As well, to our business associates last year, thank you for the entertainment and involving us.

As we come around to our 10 year anniversary, we may only have one event this year so bear with us.

Editing notes and concerns go to : denise@greaterthan.gg

Thank you all for a great 2017!

Xred’s – original Greater Than logo!



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