So what is next?

Let see, bitcoin bubble as predicted?

So what is next? As your internet weatherman let us rejoice in the lack of investment! Yet, we still keep close eyes on the markets. Due to the volatility of the nature of cryptocurrencies. We would rather work for any sovereign countries centralized currency than a “decentralized” hack. 

Here is why.

For one I have no clue what this is?

Anyone actually know the background of the program and AI bot they are simulating?

With so many questions to ask, with an already complex economic market structure in place, how does one look at these?

For us, we think of them as a crap shoot. Some time they land. Sometimes they do not in major ways. Hence our term of the year the one-day millionaires. Simply put as SEC and other major corporations tune their ears towards the HYPER INFLATED nature bitcoin.  How are the pioneers in the industry get treated is another major factor.  With major investors flat out saying due to the lack of insurance this system CANNOT be invested into.

When the premises is that we can actually launder money in said system. How can one trust the backers? Due to the lack of any checks and balances. No audits. No taxes. The fickle nature of the new wave investments should have younger generations asking different questions. Such as why can we not do good with said technology. Are we able to pay for political campaigns with it if it is decentralized?

With so many unanswered question and any lack of official stance on if the markets are legit enough to sustain long term economic goals. One swipe of the pen and it could be turned off or a simple compromise can ruin peoples lives. Yet, we see the lavish life that makes those mouths water to be that one-day millionaire.

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