Last year’s operations seem to inundate a lot of process. This year we will have a clear road map.  This year will be a great year!




If you have received the  “cool clear business card” and wondered what they are up to?

Well, this year’s goals are:

  1. To produce the YOUTH ESPORTS LEAGUE
  2. Objectify an Esports location. Due to the fickle nature and cost associated with gaming at the moment, we find that is still premature for the audience with no solvent grounds yet!

Does anyone hate cheats?

How about the culture of gaming with swatting/hacking and leaks?

What else could rain on an Esports parade?

What about fraternization?

Between match rigging and lack of any officiator, nothing blocks or disallows this from happening.

With major Esports on the verge of breaking the main stream media barriers and those who can cash in. Who is going to vanguard the industry? No one will represent with out the dollars to support. We created a bottle neck industry with a low grade investment of return.

The MLM (multi layer marketing) is in full effect.  Look at the status of what people will do to be a star. It is who you know or how much can you pay. Not how you play. Until that changes, Esports is just another rigged system to make a lot of money off the spectators. Feed the brands that pay and perk those who are willing to kiss the ring of those on top.

Needless to say though many large investors have pointed their ears towards the crowds. Sadly for them the pool of wealth for younger generations to splurge on things such as going to arenas and such is not at interest. When the experience is more comfortable and accessible from home.

If you don’t like my grammar/spelling email She is my editor and will take care of it.

Till then

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