Who are we?

So in the early years of Counter-Strike 1.3 as in 2001, I (Chad) joined a team called Killer Clowns or -KC- for short on the BETA division of the forum called Cyber Athletic League(CAL).

When I joined on roger wilco with a; voodoo graphics card, Intel Pentium 2, 256mb of hardcore gaming ram!! Yes and the Logitech 5.1 so Half-life had purpose. Which by the way was why it won so many acclaimed awards back in 98’s sierra release.

When my brother first downloaded a mod on the wan network with the old punk buster days… I was hooked. Simple, straight forward. Yes, the m4a1 had a scope at one point for like beta 1.2.3b then 1.2d f c 1.3 … who know what update. Back then it was daily, almost hourly. So yes updates have never been valves thing.

-KC- back in early 2000s used me as their SQUEAKER BOX. I was the teen that could get you off your game back in the day. As well keep up with the calls. After that, I progressed to an army clan named 82nd ID. I was supposed to be on the Day of Defeat division. Yet, Counter-Strike and I have a long standing history.

Then in 82nd ID I went from being a low level private to GOA of the CS and most populated division in the squad. When other GOA would not redistribute the server allocations, we decided to go independent and set up our own services (which was originally named THETA). From here I also started joining anti-cheat division for TWL/OGL/IRON FIST.  When first discovered a team cheating on one league, the norm was to report to all leagues with the evidence. Well CAL would not have it with their CAL-I/P teams. EVERY TIME, THEY TURNED A BLIND EYE! Either way we found this to be a problem from the start CHEATING/HACKING. 

So we decided to branch into two projects one being the Micro-Processors(a legit hacking team outside of client). Then there was GREATER THAN. The actual team ready to go to LAN. In the first season of testing our system, we were able to fully exploit all anti-cheat client operations and reports. Micro-Processors would go on to win a division and be offered to CAL-M/I first season with sponsorship.  Now, here is the kicker: during said time a member and I decided to do VPN work exclusively for professional grade servers under the name Your Gaming Solutions. We sponsored many private teams as well as developers.

This is where the whole story goes complex. So we have a cheat team/lan team/ vpn servers. My LAN team GREATER THAN gets number 1 on the entire CAL-O roster and we make it to playoffs! YEAH!!!!  Noooo, obviously they didn’t want us to advance. As we were not going to pay to play. For a team to be represented at CAL-I/P they demanded 10K in sponsors. We already sponsored teams in CAL … this is not how it works.

On the other end since we were number 1 in the entire OPEN world. I had people offer money for the “strategy guide”.  When conflicted with this problem,  since I did demo work for CAL on gamesurge irl channel. I reported all findings to all major sponsors. As well as cc’ed Angle Munoz to get out while they can.



Nothing like cropping some sensitive META data. Whoops. The military style take down of people like Kim Dotcom and such made VPN services risky. Did some prequel analytics from Bitcoin and botnet servers.

From there, Greater Than’s team had no purpose. Since there was no league. Offered to set up both IGL and ECO LEAGUE after CAL. We instead formed Synnd, one of the largest Counter-Strike source groups in North America. With over 80K weekly hits and from over 98 countries! THIS IS BEFORE STREAMING WAS A THING. THOSE WERE HUGE NUMBERS.

This is the same time we take on other large organizations and start to partner with other communities. Such as KAOS, Where I was able to meet and work with such partners as Archy and Itaku. From here long standing friendships and personal developments begin to take shape. Since I was starting my family as well.

Yet, we are one of the few organizations that remain today operational. As well, we have never needed or required any revenue income. Hence, no need to sell admin or feed the marking space. Synnd.org for over 10 years straight have provided free loan servers for gamers. So they do not have to buy any vpn service to make a team.  Still today, we run and operate them for free with over 200 hits a week. We have just remained quite for another prime day for Gaming. Hence our public release in 2017 that got many to scratch their heads and wonder.

From private networking parties to consultants to political interest in gaming. We have found many niches to fill.  Greater Than Management has foundation unlike others in the industry with a unique vantage point in the industry.

Do I want to divulge more?  Unlikely. As this will be the only public release of said story and don’t expect many views.

Sorry about grammar/spelling, This is a rough draft. Please send denise@greaterthan.gg any edits.

Hope you enjoyed,

Chad – Founder of Greater Than

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