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Welcome New Team Members

25 Aug 2017 : 14:28  |  Itaku  |  Misc  |   0
Peter Perez

Peter Perez

Chief Evangelist

ABOUT: Peter is a lifelong gamer dedicated to eliminating barriers of entry to the Esports world. He does this by helping bridge the gap for those still lurking on the edge of internet culture and the prospects it holds for the future of humanity. As a futurist, dad, and Army Vet, Peter brings a lot of unique talents to the team. He's always focusing on the latest trends and uses that information to better prepare for whats to come. Sometimes, you'll see Peter hop in the casting seat for Dota 2 semi-pro leagues or be our Master of Ceremony for our events. Esports will continue its growth, and Peter will focus on preparing < Greater Than to be good stewards within the gaming world.     

HOMETOWN: Austin, Texas



DOTA 2: Over 10k hours played

Donnie a.k.a Archy

Chief Relativity Officer

ABOUTDonnie is a lifelong techie and after building his first computer by the age of 12 he went down the rabbit hole and started playing Half-Life, Diablo, and Battlefield 1942, since then he has been hooked. As a techie, Donnie has built nitro and electric R/C cars and helicopters; as a dad, Donnie wants to forge a pathway for fellow creatives to get noticed online and promote the pathway for the entire family to get involved in gaming and broadcasting. He's started one of the most successful Counter-Strike: Source mini-games servers called Tomgreen's Mini-games with the collaboration of the genius mapper Tomgreen, it quickly rose to one of the top mini-games servers globally at the time. You can find him playing Rocket League (snow day), Factorio or Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Esports will continue its growth, and Donnie will focus on preparing < Greater Than to bridge the family life with the game life.

: Tulsa, Oklahoma

TWITTER: @Kaos_Archy

Counter-Strike Source: Over 2k hours played

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive: Over 1k hours played

Rocket League: Over 200 hours played